IP Office Registry Hacks

It has come to my attention that Avaya often hides functionality in a registry entry. I'm going to keep a list here. As I learn more I will add them. Feel free to comment any that you have tucked away under your cap!

Maximum UMS Users (166 by default):
Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurentControlSet/Services/MSExchangeIS/ParametersSystem, add a new key MaxObjsPerMapiSesion. Under the new key, create a new DWORD Value objtMesageView, and set the value to three times the required users. For example, to support 500 users, set the value to 1500.

SIP Line Template:
In IP Office 9.1 the option for SIP Line Templates was included out of the box. In 7.0 and up the option is still there, but it's hidden. There is a two-part step to enable this:
Navigate to File --> Preferences on the IP Office Manager and select the Visual Preferences tab. Check the Enable Template Options box.
Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Avaya/IP400/Manager and add a DWORD value TemplateProvisioning and set its value to 1. Reboot the server hosting the IP Office Manager.
You can now generate a SIP Trunk template

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