IP Office Hardware

The IP Office 500 v2 is the base system for all new IP Office installations. It supports up to 384 extensions (ports) and up to 1000 subscribers (users).

The IPO500v2 has a LAN and WAN port, however in the IPO programming these are referred to as LAN1 and LAN2 respectively. The default IP addresses for these ports are and respectively, with a netmask of

Up to four base cards can be installed in the system. Each base card can be fitted with a trunk daughterboard, with the exception of the 4-port expansion module.

A Digital Station card supports up to   eight digital stations. Up to three DS card can be included in the IP Office.

A TCM8DS Module supports up to eight Nortel 7000-series digital stations on the IP Office.
Voice Compression Module (VCM) provides resources for use with IP transcoding (same as DSP resources in the Nortel world). There are two VCM base cards – 32- or 64-VCM cards.

A Combo Card supports six digital stations, 2 analog stations, four analog trunks, and 10 VCMs. You can have up to two combo cards in an IP Office. Port 8 on a combo card can also be configured as a powerfail line.

A P-2 or P-8 base card supports 2 or 8 phone sets. The P2 is often used if a trunk module is required without any other functionality as it is the least expensive card available for the IP Office.
The 4-port expansion module allows for additional expansion modules to be connected. It must be plugged into Slot 4 of the IP Office.

The Unified Communications Module is an embedded Linux server that can host Voicemail Pro (up to 200 users and 40 ports) and the One-X Portal. It is managed separately from the IP Office through a web interface on Port 7070. The UCM is not supported with IP Office Basic Edition.

The IP Office supports up to twelve expansion modules. The IPO500v2 has eight ports built into the back for expansion and an optional 4-port expansion module can be installed into slot 4 of the IP Office to add the extra four expansion modules.

Expansion Modules for the IP Office include 16-Port Analog Trunk, BRI So8, 16- or 30-port Analog Station, 16- or 30-port Digital Station, and 16- or 30-port Amphenol Digital Station for Nortel 7000 series phones.

Daughterboards are connected to the IPO Base Cards to allow for trunking. The possible options are 4-port analog trunk, BRI (not usually used in North America), or PRI (1- or 2-port PRI). By default the IPO PRI module only comes licensed for eight B-Channels. Additional licenses will be required to open channels 9-23.

The IP Office has two slots for SD Cards in the back of the unit. The System SD card contains a feature key that is tied to licensing. The IP Office will run for up to two hours with the System SD Card removed in unlicensed mode. IP Office voicemail is hosted on the SD card so voicemail will not function while the card is removed. A secondary SD Card can be used to back up data and host voicemail. The secondary slot supports SDHC Cards 4GB and greater. 

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