65 key things to remember for the Avaya SBC Exam

  1. Remote worker cluster using a Real Server IP and Real Server Port will use HTTP and HTTPS for registration requests.
  2. Domain Policy Administration configures Rules, Policies, and Endpoit Policy Groups.
  3. Trunk Server and Call Server Server Flows are administered in SIP Trunking.
  4. Trunk Server and Call Server media interfaces are administered in SIP Trunking.
  5. When integrated with IP Office the SSL VPN connection for SBC remote access is always on unless the connection to the Avaya VPN Gateway is down.
  6. IP address and transport protocols are configured in a Server Profile.
  7. Remote Worker is typically intended for remote users, travelling employees, and remote offices.
  8. Before configuring SIP trunking the SBC must be installed and commissioned.
  9. Topology Hiding Profiles hide source and destination IP addresses.
  10. The Received Interface (as defined in Call Server Flow Administration) is an internal interface that receives inbound traffic.
  11. Server Profiles define the connection and transport parameters from the SBC to the service provider and to the call.
  12. Two routing profiles are required for a SIP trunk.
  13. Before implementing SBC Remote Worker the SBCE + Advanced Feature Set must be installed and commissioned.
  14. Cluster Administration groups endpoints and applies similar attributes to them.
  15. The SBC routing profile defines the next hop for SIP traffic.
  16. A Server Profile applies to the trunk server and the call server.
  17. The Supervisor account has the least system access.
  18. To test the SBC configuration you should make internal-to-external and external-to-internal test calls.
  19. When using an SBC with CM or CS1000 you should use SAL for remote access.
  20. A SIP trunk requires a SIP Service Provider (ISTP), an SBC, and a Call Server.
  21. With regards to application of Time of Day policies the packet is examined first, then the time of day is evaluated, after which the flow is determined and finally the policy is applied.
  22. Best practice for SBC Remote Worker configuration is to fully encrypt both media and signalling.
  23. Topology Hiding can be used to change SIP message parameters.
  24. Media Interfaces define the IP addresses and ports for media.
  25. To administer a signalling interface you must first add the signalling interface, then assign IP addresses and ports.
  26. Session Manager can function as the Personal Profile Manager for a Remote Worker cluster.
  27. Domain Policy Administration is where you would implement time of day restrictions.
  28. Trunk Server and Call Server Signalling Interfaces are administered in SIP Trunking.
  29. The Admin user has the highest privilege level to administer the SBC.
  30. To verify a standalone installation you can log in to the SBCE GUI or log in the the SBC CLI.
  31. Four networks and subnets are required to commission the SBC and SIP Trunking on an SBC located in a DMZ.
  32. The Standalone SBC Software is the same as the SBC+EMS software.
  33. A Standalone SBC requires the EMS+UC-Sec installation type.
  34. HA Configurations always require a standalone EMS.
  35. A Network Assessment is the only way to highlight a problem with inadequate bandwidth on the customer's network.
  36. All SBC and EMS elements require Network Passphrase Authentication in a High Availability configuration.
  37. HA installations are done using the installation type UC-Sec.
  38. The EMS should be configured on M1 in a co-res (standalone) configuration.
  39. A Site Survey will provide information on customer readiness.
  40. In the EMS GUI you can identify the standby SBC by the SBC name.
  41. The SBC is shipped with a serial cable or an RJ-45 to Serial cable to connect to the console port on the SBC for initial software installation.
  42. In an HA SBC the M2 interfaces carry heartbeat information.
  43. The SBC uses SSH port 222 for CLI access (Not port 22).
  44. An SBC alarm will be triggered by System Level failures.
  45. The SBC has a utility called Call Trace to monitor a single telephone.
  46. The SBC Call Trace shows signalling level information for a specific URI (phone).
  47. SBC incidents indicate a problem with the SBC software.
  48. SBC Call Trace information can be viewed in the SBC GUI under Diagnostics\Protocol Tab.
  49. A manually created backup can be called snapshot.zip.
  50. You can look at System Incidents to find details of SBC operational problems.
  51. SBC Alarm Descriptions can be found in the  Appendices of Administration Guide of the SBC documentation.
  52. The Link status/activity LEDs, hard drive LEDs, and over-temperature LEDs can give you a visual alert of a problem with the SBC.
  53. SBC backups can be stored both locally and remotely.
  54. You can view SBC System Alarms in the SBC GUI.
  55. An SBC will show up as Ophaned in the EMS if there is a mismatch between the SBC and EMS software levels.
  56. When upgrading an HA system you first upgrade the EMS, then the backup SBC, then the primary SBC.
  57. Denial of Service (DoS) is an availability attack.
  58. The DMZ is a neutral demarcation point between the trusted and untrusted network in which the SBC can be deployed.
  59. A High Availability SBC will require a standalone SBC.
  60. The SBC can be deployed inside the enterprise core or in a DMZ.
  61. Advanced Services adds the Mobile Workspace (AKA Remote Worker) functionality.
  62. Eavesdropping is an example of a confidentiality attack.
  63. An SBC provides secure enterprise communications.
  64. Signalling Manipulation is using the SIP Trunk Integration Module scripting language.
  65. Signalling manipulation can modify the domain part of the SIP packet.


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