Changing the time and date on an IP Office

So Daylight Savings Time has begun in most of North America. As a result I have seen a few inquiries about changing the time on the IP Office.

The IP Office supports automatic daylight savings time changes.The dates are configured in IP Office Manager:

Under System, scroll down to see the Time Settings box
Ensure that Automatic DST is checked
Check the dates for the current year (you may need to use the drop down box to see the correct year)
If required hit the Edit button to change the dates.

If you do not have Voicemail Pro the time source can be set manually. Voicemail Pro configuration will match the system time to the time on the Voicemail Pro PC. Ensure that the time zone matches the Voicemail Pro server. If you have a PC that is always running Manager you can use this as a time source as well. The IP Office will retrieve the time from that source.

SNTP can be configured as another time source. This will retrieve the time from a PC on your network or from an Internet Time Server if your IP Office is connected to the Internet. If anyone requires assistance setting this up just say something in the comments and I'll do a post all about SNTP.

If the time on the IP Office is off by too much the time will not sync properly, regardless of your time source. To correct this you will have to change the time source to None, configure the time, then return the IP Office to your chosen time source.

Now on to the good stuff. How to change the time on an IP Office system.

1)      Check the time source on the IP Office. To change the time manually the time source must be set to None.
2)      Ensure that the time zone and UTC Offset are correct.
3)      Select a user to have System Phone rights. This can be any 1400, 1600, 9500, or 9600 phone except for the 1403 and 1603 model.
a.       In IP Office Manager, select the user
b.      Under System Phone Rights select Level 2
c.       Select the Button Programming tab
d.      Add a button with the action of Emulation à Self Administer, and enter 2  for the Action Data
e.      Label the button appropriately, I usually label it Administer
f.        Apply the changes and merge the configuration to the IP Office
4)      Go to your newly configured phone and press the Administer button that you programmed. The option to program the Time and Date will be displayed.
5)      Check the date by pressing Date or the time by pressing Time.
a.       The date is entered using the format specified in the system, using # or * to insert the / separators
b.      The time is entered using 24 hour format, using # or * to separate hours and minutes
c.       The key labeled <<< can be used to backspace
d.      Press Done when finished
6)      The phone will return to idle when you press done. You can remove the Administer button at this point if you want to prevent an accidental configuration change.

Once again I hope this helps! Comments and questions are always welcome.


  1. This was a HUGE help. Thank you so much for posting this!

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  3. If you're prompted to enter a security pin use the Login Code from the user's Telephony/Supervisor Settings tab.