IP Office Manager Upgrade Fix

IP Office Manager 11.0 FP 4 SP 1 has a bunch of 0-byte files. When Manager tries to transfer these files to the IP Office the IP Office’s internal file server rejects the files because they are invalid. This should be fixed in future releases, but until it is there is one published workaround from Avaya: recreate the SD Card. This is a pain and requires physical access to the system, so I have come up with a better way to fix the problem.

The error I see most often is 400 - Bad Request

I have created a zip file containing a number of replacement files. You can download the file from my Google Drive here.

Once you have downloaded the fix you can extract the contents of the IPO11Fix.zip file:

Copy the folder system (right click and copy, or left click and then CTRL+C):
Navigate to the IP Office installation directory and find the common memory card folder (in a default installation that would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\IP Office\Manager\MemoryCards\Common\). Paste the system folder that you had copied into this folder and overwrite all the files when prompted:

You may be prompted for Administrative access. Provide the access if requested:

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