BCM and IP Office

I've moved to a new city and started a new job. They hired me based on my experience with the CS1000, but my primary role is working with small systems like the BCM. The BCM is a lot easier to manage than the CS1000 ever could be, but you sacrifice the ability to configure everything. That being said, it's a great small system. Avaya has ended new sales of this hardware platform, instead pointing people towards the IP Office for Small / Medium Business markets. The IP Office adds a lot more configuration options, and with the Voicemail Pro add-on it can be configured to function with incredible call routing and detail. The BCM is managed by a program called Business Element Manager. It's a standalone application that can be downloaded by navigating to the IP address of the BCM. Once downloaded it installs quickly. You can manage a large number of BCM systems from a single Business Element Manager installation, but if you need to manage many sites I would suggest you use the option to create folders for each grouping, thereby making management easier. I'll spend more time on the BCM at a later date. I'll also put some effort into the IP Office, as this is the future of Avaya's SMB market.

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