The Media Gateway 1000 Chassis

The Media Gateway 1000 Chassis houses the circuit cards and connectors that support both IP and TTDM functionality. Slot 0 must always contain the MGC, which acts as a gateway controller for IP Media Gateways (IPMG). The MG1000 Chassis has four additional universal slots that can house various other cards, including the CP PM Call Server and CP PM Signaling Server, as well as line and trunk cards. The MG1000E Chassis also supports the addition of a Media Gateway Expander, which provides an additional four slots (7-10). Slots 5 and 6 are not used. The MG1000E Chassis connects to the MGE via two copper cables, labeled CE-MUS and DS-30X. The MGE does not support digital trunks or analog clock controllers.

The CS1000E system supports up to a maximum of 50 MG1000 and MGE pairs. The MG1000E can support the following cards:
Voice Gateway Media Cards – these transcode between the IP network and digital circuit cards
Service Cards – These provide services such as music on hold and recorded announcements
Analog Line Cards – support analog stations, fax machines, and modems
Digital Line Cards – support digital phones
Analog Trunk Cards – used to connect the system to an analog network, such as the PSTN
Digital PSTN Interface Cards – this can include E1, T1, and ISDN BRI cards to provide access to the PSTN
Class Modem Cards – such as the XCMC
DECT Mobility Cards – these provide wireless functionality

It is important to remember that digital trunks, PRI and BRI ISDN cards, and DECT mobility cards are only supported in the MG1000E that contains the MGC. They can not be placed in the MGE.


  1. Very good article...It give complete information about network switches...Good stuff for persons who work in networking..


    1. Thank you very much, it's nice to receive such positive feedback!

  2. Why are slots 5 and 6 not used?

    1. There is an available 48-port Digital Line Card that can only go in slot 4. A normal digital line card provides 16 available Terminal Numbers. If using the 48-port card the first 16 are in card slot 4, the next 16 are in card slot 5, and the final 16 are in card slot 6.

    2. It's worth noting that the 48-port DLC will only work on the Option 11 Mini cabinets, the precursor to the MG1000 cabinet. The MG1000 doesn't have the extra 25-pair connector required to support the full 48 phones (2 connectors with 24 stations per connector).