Installation and Commisioning a CS1000E with Release 5.5

There are a few options when setting up a CS1000E system as to the hardware that is used. A basic configuration will include one or two call servers, one or two signaling servers, a Media Gateway Controller, a data switch, and any trunking resources and voice media gateways.

In previous releases of the CS1000 series of hardware the signaling server and the Small Systems Controller (SSC) were co-located on one card. With the release of the 5.0 software this is no longer the case – now the signaling server is on a separate CP PM card, and the SSC is no longer used, instead we use a Media Gateway Controller. The Media Gateway Controller (MGC) also contains slots for two DSP Daughterboards which provide Digital Signal Processing resources, eliminating the need for a separate card for a Media Card. A separate media card may still be installed to increase the number of resources available.

I will now discuss the physical components of the Media Gateway 1000E.

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