IP Office Personal Directory with pauses

Today I had someone call me to say they were trying to create a personal directory entry in their IP Office for someone with an external number and and extension. I couldn't conceive of why there would be any problem with this until I learned that the Personal Directory only allows entry of keypad keys (0-9, *, #). Since none of the allowable entries will make the call pause I had to find a way to make this work.

After some thought about how I could make this work for my customer I came up with a plan. I would try to dial a short code that would make the call for me!

First I created the PD entry:

Then I create a corresponding Dial Direct short code with the number I have put into the PD:

Once I had followed these quick and easy steps I was able to make a call from my personal directory to an extension. I was surprised that Avaya hadn't allowed pauses in the directory but the IP Office always provides a way!  It is not necessary to use the phone number, I simply used this method to ensure that I was able to track what numbers were being manipulated at a glance.
Make sure to include the dial prefix if it is expected in the ARS. If it is not needed in the ARS you don't need to include it in the short code.

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